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From the desk of Kurt Turrell

We live in a frenzied world of sensory overload at times. Each day I receive emails with new ‘work from home’, and ‘get-rich-quick’ sales gimmicks. Sometimes I ask myself: “What has our world come to?!”

Life is about building abundance and lasting happiness! Sure, enjoying the freedoms of having plenty of money is vital, but life is about so much more than merely having money! Abundant money is only one aspect of SANE.

Anyone who has read my work knows that I base who I am and what I do on one simple word: Integrity! I want to bring Integrity to my sales as well. I don’t want to feed you more of the horrible, glamorously-empty hype that we see each day!

I have worked absolutely diligently, sincerely, and honestly to bring you an outstanding 7-Video course that teaches lifelong Success & Abundance in 6 easy-to-manage steps, AND with new tools you will only find in this course. These concepts are a 30-year labor of love…from studying all the best of success and motivational material. I wish someone had developed this course long ago for me to use!

These are 6 Steps to Lifelong Abundance! Once again, those of you who know me and have read my work know that I am completely on the level. These steps work!

Do I want to make money? I will accept your money only if I can give you real value that is practical, useful, powerful, and effective! Otherwise, for me it is not worth taking anyone’s money.

If you are not completely satisfied that I have given you real value in this 7-video Abundant Life course, I will refund your money (refund policy)!

I want to help make the world a more abundant and happy – and less needful – place, one person at a time. Amen.


Kurt R. Turrell
Business Consultant

Before you judge what you are about to see…let me ask you 2 quick questions: Are you now exactly where you dreamed you would be at this point in your life? Do you enjoy real and true abundance in all aspects of your life, across the board in health, family, love, money, faith, and all you desire?

If you answered no to either of those questions, this SANE video course is made for you, with all my heart, and it can bring you everything you have ever dreamed about. All you have to do is give it your best, and the abundant returns will be beyond imagination.